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A Sonic Identity that Celebrates Life Unfiltered

Molecular Sound was thrilled to take on the challenge of creating a new sonic brand for W Channel, one that would embody the channel's core values of celebrating the authentic and imperfect moments of everyday life. Our team set out to craft a series of tracks that would be as diverse as the emotions they aim to evoke, and we are proud to say we've delivered on this promise.

To achieve this, we began with research, exploring the many ways the human experience can be represented sonically. Our team drew on their vast knowledge of the commercial music world to identify existing tracks that embody the emotions we were after, carefully noting the instrumentation and moods that crafted those emotions. This exploration laid the foundation for our creative process, and from here we began to craft a range of tracks that would represent the channel's brand promise in multiple ways.

The main mnemonic for W Channel is sung by a range of voices from our in-house team, giving it an undoubtedly human feel. From here, we created a range of track variations that tied the same mnemonic to different human emotions: celebratory, comforting, inspirational, thoughtful, uplifting, and somber. Each track is crafted to fit the format and follow the visuals, underscoring the announcer by ending on the mnemonic sound.

We were committed to using organic, acoustic sounds as much as possible to support the channel's "Life Unfiltered" strap line. The result is a complete, human-sounding sonic brand for W Channel that fully encompasses the intricacies of everyday life and creates consistency throughout different content.

We are grateful to UKTV for entrusting us with this project and we're proud to have created a sonic brand that truly embodies the values of W Channel.






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