Sky Sports Idents

2017 — 2017

In 2017 Sky Sports undertakes its biggest rebrand in its 26 year history. It features a simpler design and a new channel structure, giving each channel it's own sport. Molecular Sound was commissioned to create the new sonic branding for each channel, working closely with the team at Sky Creative.

Skysports premier league fixtures 4709655
Skysports sonic branding ident

The aim was to create a core Sky Sports theme, which could be remixed to give each channel it's own unique sound. The sonic brand needed to have a strong sense of consistent "sonic DNA", recognisable across each channel and be able to be remixed to match the images and emotions of each sports channel.

Sky Sports Core Melody

The music had to be recognisable to the point where the melody and rhythm would feel synonymous with the Sky Sports brand, whilst still feeling simple and modern to reflect the new visual identity.

The result was a powerful ident featuring both a simple stop and clap rhythm, and a core melody as the main "sonic DNA", that could be remixed into each sport and style.

Each theme had its own personality. Whilst the Golf remix track is a modern, orchestral track, and the F1 remix features fast paced electronic beats, the Premier League version focused on tribal rhythms, and the Cricket one focused on tense and percussive hits. All the versions feature sounds that are authentic to each sport.


Client: Sky/Sky Creative
Composer: Dave Connolly

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