The Sound of RNIB

Sonic Identity

RNIB is the UK's leading national sight loss charity, dedicated to supporting people with sight loss. Sonic branding is a crucial element of any business strategy, but for a charity representing those with sight loss, it becomes a necessity. Our team was thrilled to contribute to elevating the brand's accessibility and collaborating with blind and partially sighted individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our goal was to ensure that the music and sound resonated with and originated from within the community.

The Brief

Our team was tasked to create an overall sonic identity that encompassed not only a sonic logo but the entire sound of the brand. This also involved developing a brand track and a comprehensive set of assets for RNIB Connect Radio. We aimed to defy the generic "Charity music" genre, striving for something more empowering while authentically representing the partially sighted community.

From and To the Blind and Partially Sighted Community

It was crucial that the music was both spoken and played by the community, infusing it with life, authenticity, and the ability to engage a broader audience. Additionally, it needed to challenge perceptions of who someone with sight loss is by bringing people from various backgrounds, ages, and cultures together.

The first step was to invite a group of blind and partially sighted people to our studio to record the letters R N I B as clearly as possible. This ensured that the sonic logo represented the visual logo with utmost clarity, enhancing accessibility and recall.

The RNIB Voice Over

For the production, we naturally sought musicians who are blind and partially sighted. Violinist, pianist, and clarinet player Abi Baker collaborated on the violin and piano recordings, contributing to the sonic logo, brand track, and radio assets. After finalising all the assets, we collaborated with mixing engineer Hector Mestre, also partially sighted and a Grammy Award nominee, to give everything a final polish.

Abi Baker RNIB Sonic Identity
Hector Mestre RNIB Sonic Identity

A sound sonic brand

When it came to music, we collaborated with RNIB to craft something that not only aligned with the brand's attributes but also felt timeless, empowering, and took listeners on a meaningful journey. For the sonic logo, complementing the R N I B letters, we devised a simple four-note melody that resolved in an empathetic and warm way, reflecting RNIB's identity.

The RNIB 4-note melody

The brand track takes listeners on a journey, incorporating not only upbeat, empowering moments, but reflective sections, allowing space for the melody and production to breathe.

The RNIB Connect Radio assets were designed to flex across a range of shows and stories, encompassing various moods while staying true to the brand's sound.

This project has transformed our thinking and approach to collaboration for the better. We couldn’t be prouder of the finished result, and we hope it helps to spread the word of RNIB's fantastic work.

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