Premier League

Anthem & Sonic Identity
Nov 2019 — Mar 2020

New Season. New Sound.

Inspired by the best of British music and recorded at Abbey Road studios, Molecular Sound's rousing new anthem and sonic identity for the Premier League aims to bring fans and communities together in the name of football.

Our challenge was to capture the emotional journey of this collosal audience, amplifying the anticipation and excitement of matchday, with a sonic expression that was authentic, optimistic, instantly recognisable and timeless.

Sonic Unity.

The sonic logo distills the anthem into a simple, four-note melody, reflecting the league's four principles (ambitious, inspiring, connected, fair). We recorded the entire Abbey Road orchestra and choir playing the melody in unison and used cutting edge sound design techniques to ensure it arrests attention whenever or wherever it's heard.

Four-note melody

Instantly recognisable,
distinctively Premier League.

Nahwand Jaff Premier League 17 07 2020 DSC02507
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We ensured the highest production values by procuring industry recognised professionals and recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Determined to have the authentic sound of a live orchestra and a real choir, we patiently worked through the challenges of social distancing, recording each section separately.

Over 80 musicians, singers and technicians came together, against the odds, to create a unique piece of music fit for the world’s leading football league.


Composer: Dave Connolly
Musical Director: Kojo Samuel
Strings, Brass & Woodwinds: Isobel Griffiths
Mastering: Matt Colton
Studio Engineer: Adam Durbridge
Engineer: Nick Wollage
Broadcast Mixing: Ian “Arge” Hargest
Conductor & Orchestrator: Sally Herbert

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