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Gas Safe Register - Sonic Logo

Reassurance conveyed through sound

Introducing the Gas Safe Register Sonic Logo – a warm and reassuring audio signature that truly embodies the trust and professionalism of the official gas registration body for the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey.

Our team had the pleasure of collaborating with The Team agency to create this brand-new sonic identity. Our main challenge was to capture the unique tone of voice of the Gas Safe Register and create a memorable audio logo that would be instantly recognisable and reassuring to customers.

To tackle this challenge, we started by carefully studying the Gas Safe Register's brand guidelines and tone of voice. We then used our expertise to create a simple, yet powerful sonic logo that embodies the qualities of trust, reliability, and expertise.

Our solution was a three-note melody played on a guitar that is combined with a female voiceover that delivers a reassuring message to the listener. The result is an audio signature that truly captures the essence of the Gas Safe Register and provides customers with a sense of comfort and confidence.

As the brand continues to advertise across radio and TV, we wanted to make sure that the Gas Safe Register sonic logo would be recognisable across all common touchpoints. Whether it's a jingle on the radio or a brand ident on TV, customers will be able to recognise and trust the Gas Safe Register thanks to the power of audio branding.

Overall, our team was thrilled to work on this project and to help create an audio signature that reflects the Gas Safe Register's commitment to safety and professionalism. We are confident that this sonic logo will help drive awareness and recognition for the brand for years to come.




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