MW EDP Molecular 052022

EDP - Sonic Logo

Molecular has worked with Pentagram to create the new sonic logo for Portuguese renewable energy company EDP.




Sonic Branding

Shifting Change

Founded in Portugal, but now operating across 28 markets, EDP is the fourth-largest wind energy producer in the world. To reflect their mission and growth over the last years, EDP reached out to Pentagram for a complete rebrand.

To tie in with their new logo reveal, Pentagram got Molecular involved to create a sonic logo that reflected the momentum and celebrate the brand's change and direction.

Creating EDP's Sonic Logo

A few things the sonic logo needed to communicate were:

  • Moving Forward;
  • Momentum;
  • It needed to feature natural elements within the renewable energy and wind worlds;
  • Shifting Change;
  • Celebration;

The team doing some field recording for the sonic logo.

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