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EDP - Sonic Logo

A sound to inspire change

EDP, the global leader in renewable energy, has been committed to creating a positive impact on the planet and leading the energy transition. As a company that operates across multiple platforms, their vision is to make the world a better place through their mission "Changing tomorrow now".

To reinforce EDP's position as a global leader in the renewable energy field and to express their strong values and ambition, we collaborated with Pentagram to create the EDP Sonic Logo. Our aim was to create a sound that echoes the company's vision and conveys its brand strategy.

We started with a sound recording process to capture the sounds of nature, including wind and calming ocean waves. We combined these sounds to match the distinctive motion graphics, and added a memorable, uplifting "ping" that incorporates a piano with metallic chime sounds.

The result is a sound that represents the company's ethos and brings to life their commitment to sustainability and the environment. With the EDP Sonic Logo, the company's vision can be heard loud and clear, inspiring change in people, customers, and partner organisations.




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