BBC Upload - Station Sound and Imaging

BBC Upload - Station Sound and Imaging

Making Waves with a Fresh New Audio Identity

BBC Radio Bristol's Upload show provides a platform for new talent in the Bristol area, showcasing a variety of creative works from writers, poets, musicians, and more. To match the youthful vibe of the show, our team was tasked with creating a fresh and modern audio identity for the station.

The challenge was to create a catchy jingle that could be remixed for different segments of the show, from traffic to weather, while still reflecting the diverse range of content featured on Upload. Our solution was to create an upbeat house track with a memorable melodic hook.

We worked closely with the BBC Bristol team to understand their audience and brand guidelines, and our creative choices were informed by their input. The resulting audio identity was upbeat, dynamic, and perfectly reflected the show's values.

Listeners and show creators alike were thrilled with the final product. The new jingle provided a fresh and exciting sound that perfectly captured the youthful spirit of Upload, helping to bring new talent to the forefront of the radio world.






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