TNT Sports

Sonic Identity
March 2023 — November 2023

BT Sport, the channel that has been the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts in the UK for years, has transformed into TNT Sports.

The biggest sports broadcast rebrand of the decade needed a fresh sonic identity. Our brief was to stay true to TNT’s brand value of being “right by the fans” through music and sound. We’ve highlighted the diverse experiences from various sports and captured all the passionate and attitude-packed sounds that come with them. A deep and passion-filled sonic identity that referenced the fan and sports experience showcases the brand's evolution from a sports channel to an immersive sports experience.

One Dream Team

Molecular teamed up with WMP to create the TNT Sports sound identity. This collaboration seemed like the perfect fit, given the fact that both teams have been trusted partners of BT Sport, making music for the brand for many years. It was a dream team effort. Fueled by TNT’s "rip up the playbook" brand value, we brought our best talent and expertise to the table, using creative and explorative music production for this exciting project.

TNT Sonic Identity Team
TNT Sports Wimbledon

Capturing the heartbeat of sports

Our teams went to the biggest sports events and fan-packed venues across the UK and Europe. We're talking football matches like Wrexham vs. Notts County, rugby matches such as Saracens vs. London Irish at the Saracens stadium, the Tour de France, Moto GP, boxing events at the Copper Box, and tennis events like Wimbledon. There, we soaked in the sounds that make these venues and sports come alive. From the satisfying scrape of chalk on a snooker cue to the electrifying chants of die-hard Wrexham football fans. We recorded the true and unique sounds of these venues, crafting captivating rhythms and textures to add to our music composition. This is what ultimately made the brand’s sound deeply powerful.

Creating a unique sports soundscape

TNT Sports features a variety of sports, but we wanted to highlight each sport's unique identity while also creating a sense of unity among them, so that they all feel like they belong to the same sonic world. With that in mind, we crafted a killer brand track, woven with catchy melodies and rhythmic concepts, that served as the foundation for six different 'pillar' sports tracks.

These six tracks draw inspiration from the authentic sounds of major events in different sports showcased on the channel: Premier League, Champions League, Cricket, Combat Sports, Motorsports, and Rugby. Each track captures the essence of its respective sport or league, creating a unique vibe that resonates with each viewer's experience.

Our creative journey also kept in mind the TNT brand value of honouring the community. We celebrated British heritage by recording strings at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, and using Wembley Stadium as our sound playground to capture the perfect reverb for the tracks.

The outcome was the creation of a holistic sonic identity: modular and built to last. We captured the essence of each sport and fan experience while ensuring they all remain true to the same TNT brand values.

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