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Rita Horta

Audio Ads Drive Attention

In the fast-paced world of advertising, staying ahead means seeking innovative ways to connect with audiences effectively. Dentsu, the pioneering global marketing agency, partnered with Lumen Research on a groundbreaking study to explore the potential and impact of audio advertising. Together, they dived into the world of podcasts, radio, and music streaming, uncovering some fascinating insights.

A Collaborative Effort

Dentsu and Lumen collaborated with industry giants like Amazon Ads, Audacy, Cumulus Media, iHeartMedia, Spotify, and SXM Media to create a comprehensive study. This diverse mix of partners provided valuable insights to understand audio advertising nuances.

Engaging Audiences

The study showed that audio advertising, including podcasts, radio, and music streaming, captured significant attention:

  • On average, audio ads held listeners' attention for an impressive 10,126 seconds per (000) impressions, surpassing industry norms of 6,501 APM.
  • 41% of audio ads were remembered correctly, ensuring brand recall compared to the 38% standard on other platforms.
  • Audio ads achieved a remarkable 10% brand choice uplift, outperforming traditional methods.

Unique Strengths

The study also highlighted the strengths of each audio destination:

  1. Podcasts: The podcast arena, with partners like Audacy, Cumulus Media, iHeartMedia, Spotify, and SXM Media, proved highly engaging. Host-read ads, in particular, outperformed traditional audio ads within the podcast domain.
  2. Radio: Audiences turned their attention to radio, with Audacy, Cumulus Media, and iHeartMedia leading the way. Impressively efficient, radio outshined other digital, social, and TV benchmarks and stood as 10 times more efficient than online video ads.
  3. Music Streaming: Amazon Music, on both Alexa-enabled devices and mobile/desktop platforms, delivered strong branding success. Ad-supported streaming music on Alexa devices had the highest brand recall, while :30 ads on this platform generated significant brand choice uplift.

A Methodical Approach

To unravel the mysteries of audio advertising, respondents experienced audio environments mirroring their everyday experiences, such as selecting podcasts, tuning into radio stations, or enjoying music on streaming platforms. They then participated in Dentsu's Attention Economy Survey, gauging ad recall and brand choice uplift compared to a control group. Lumen Research meticulously crafted an attention score, similar to its visual counterpart, using passive audio listening data, survey responses, and ad exposure types.

Charting a New Path

This milestone study marks the fifth anniversary of Dentsu's Attention Economy program and heralds a pivotal moment for audio advertising. By unveiling the true value of attention in this domain, Dentsu has laid the foundation for redefining how the industry plans, measures, and executes advertising campaigns.

As a sonic branding company, we're excited about the implications of this research. Audio advertising isn't just a supplementary channel; it's a powerful tool waiting to be harnessed. The study's findings emphasize the importance of crafting immersive audio experiences that resonate with audiences, be it through captivating podcasts, radio jingles, or memorable music streaming ads.