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Viasat Christmas Ident

Viasat Christmas Idents: Bringing the Magic of the Christmas to Life

Viasat's TV100 channel wanted to make their Christmas programming truly special by creating festive idents that would capture the magic of the holidays.

We were tasked with creating a festive orchestral score that would accompany the idents and bring them to life. We knew that we wanted the music to start off gentle and build a sense of wonder and magic as the ribbons in the presents come to life.

Using a combination of live instrumentation and sampled orchestral elements, we crafted a piece that perfectly captures the feeling of the holidays. We worked closely with our client to make sure that the music complemented the visuals, building to a crescendo that feels truly festive.

With our music, these idents are sure to put a smile on viewers' faces and fill them with holiday cheer. We're proud to have contributed to this heartwarming project and to have helped spread the joy of the season.





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