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UKTV - A Lifetime Of Stories

Scoring UKTV's Animated Journey Through a Lifetime of Stories

At Molecular Sound, we had the privilege of working on the music and sound design for UKTV's "A Lifetime of Stories" brand spot. The challenge was to create a sonic journey that would reflect the diverse range of programming offered by UKTV's 10 channels.

Our team approached the project by creating a custom score that would match the tone and genre of each scene in the animation. We used a variety of instrumentation and sound design techniques to achieve the desired emotional impact, from dark and brooding to uplifting and triumphant.

We worked closely with UKTV Creative and Animade to ensure that the music and sound design complemented the animation perfectly.

In the end, the music and sound design that we created helped to elevate the brand spot to a new level. We are proud to have been a part of this project and are excited to continue collaborating with UKTV in the future.






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