Midwich cuckoos molecular sound

The Midwich Cuckoos - Trailer

The Midwich Cuckoos - Trailer

The Midwich Cuckoos trailer introduces viewers to an eerie and unsettling sci-fi drama. Based on the classic book by John Wyndham, the Sky Original series follows the bizarre and life-altering events that occur in the small town of Midwich. After a mysterious incident leaves everyone unconscious, the women of child-bearing age wake up pregnant, setting off a chain of events that will forever change the town and its inhabitants.

To create an unnerving and otherworldly atmosphere for the trailer, our team at Molecular Sound set out to compose a sinister score that would leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Using unconventional techniques, we recorded a cello with scrapes, slides, and percussive hits to create a haunting and disorienting sound. We also incorporated a dark and sinister cuckoo sound, along with percussive elements made from actual cuckoo clocks.

The result is a spine-chilling and immersive soundscape that perfectly captures the otherworldly nature of the show.







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