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Sky Q & Netflix - In One Place

Blending Soundtracks with Sky & Netflix

At Molecular Sound, we were thrilled to work with Sky and Netflix to bring their new partnership to life. Sky Q and Netflix in one place - the ultimate entertainment experience.

The challenge was to create a musical score that could transport the audience on a journey through the worlds of Sky and Netflix content. We began by analyzing the sound and music of each show featured in the ad - from the sophisticated dramatic score of Succession to the dark 80s synth score of Stranger Things.

We carefully crafted a musical score that seamlessly linked the TV shows featured in the ad, ensuring that the music reflected the genre and tone of each show. The score needed to be engaging and dynamic, building up the tension as the couple journeyed through the shows.

We used a variety of instruments and sounds to create the right mood for each scene, from orchestral strings to atmospheric synths. And to bookend the ad, we created a memorable musical theme that could be used at the start and the end of the ad.

The end result was a powerful musical score that perfectly complemented the visual journey of the couple as they explored the worlds of Sky and Netflix content. The music served as the perfect backdrop to showcase the incredible variety of shows available on the new Sky Q and Netflix partnership.

At Molecular Sound, we are proud to have contributed to this innovative partnership between two of the world's most exciting entertainment brands. With the power of sound and music, we were able to bring the experience to life and help Sky and Netflix showcase their amazing content to the world.





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