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Sky Cinema Christmas Advert 2019

12 Days Of Idris

Sky Cinema's Christmas 2019 ad features Idris Elba singing a cinema-themed 12 Days of Christmas. To bring this festive vision to life, we at Molecular Sound were tasked with creating a guide version for Elba to sing on set, and also worked with Ne-Yo, the director and music consultant, to ensure that all audio recorded on set could work in post-production.

Our team then created a score that was perfectly synchronised with Elba's vocals and matched all the movies seen on screen, from The Lego Movie to Little Women. The music builds up to a magical and festive climax towards the end of the ad. We took a creative approach to make the music fit with the individual scenes and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for viewers.

The final product was a fun and engaging ad that featured iconic movie moments, a catchy song and the festive magic of Christmas. We were thrilled to be part of this project and contribute our creative expertise to bring Sky Cinema's vision to life.





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