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Now TV - Sonic Branding


A sound with many faces

NOW TV approached Molecular Sound to create a bold new sonic identity to connect with their bold visual brand.

They came to us with the vision of creating a suite of assets that:

Was fully ownable;

- Was future proof;

- Developed alongside new visual identity;

- Aligned to core brand principles;

- Could flex depending on the content genre (action vs. thriller) and the environment (e.g. social vs. cinema);

- Included a range of audio cues for cross-channel integration.






Sonic Branding

The Research

Our research started with looking at the sonic identities of other streaming services and looking into what made them effective.

ITV+ Hub Ident

BBC iPlayer Ident


The Now TV Landscape

The landscape in which Now TV covers includes commercials, social media, mobile app and on-demand.

NOW TV sonic brand identity

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Our solution

Our solution was to create a sonic brand identity that consisted of the following:

  • Core track;
  • Music Logo;
  • Audio cues;
  • Track genre variations: Action,
    Christmas, Sports, Suspense, Thriller.

Core Track

Core Track Intro

Core Track Middle

Core Track End

Segments can be extended and reordered to fit with various visual templates.

Music Logo

  • Developed from core track cues (riff and cheer)
  • Allows integration across channels where track may not be used (social/promos)
  • Potential to extend use into further channels (e.g. start up animation)

Brand cues

Softer audio cues can be used to drive association and aid spontaneous awareness.

Track variations





The result is a memorable, highly versatile sonic brand that connects with the wider NOW TV brand and audience.

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